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Climate change is going to change the way everyone in the world lives, works and interacts. Businesses will need to shift their thinking, means of production, the way they meet supply and demand, and even the buildings that they operate. Buildings, both commercial and residential, can play a huge role in combating climate change.

Intelligent and eco-friendly buildings are the correct response for the future, but everyone across the globe needs to make an effort and change to realize any effects. Not only can intelligent buildings reduce our impact on the Earth, but they can be customized to withstand the environmental changes that come with climate change and that specific geographical regions are already experiencing.

Everything from earthquakes to hurricanes to tornadoes and wildfires has and will continue to plague populations around the world. An intelligent building built to withstand these natural disasters can significantly impact a country’s response and recovery, but it does require a considerable amount of investment upfront.

In addition to weather and climate change-resistant buildings, the amount of energy consumption and waste created by buildings can be drastically reduced through the use of new technologies. Smart buildings can generate their own power, regulate temperature naturally. Plants can be grown for both cleaner indoor air and food consumption, as well as providing a way to reduce the amount of waste that leaves the building. New technologies are emerging every day to address every aspect of life and business in a way that will improve and reduce our impact on the planet.

These smart and intelligent buildings all over the world are changing the way we impact and live on the planet. By increasing the number of buildings that can combat climate change, society can make a significant impact and reduce the continuous damage that is being done to the environment every time a new building goes up.

Real, sustainable change through the creation of these smart buildings needs to not only be the focus of those who are designing them, but local and national governments, and those individuals that live in them. Buildings can help combat climate change enough to keep the Earth livable and able to sustain the population for generations to come.