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Murad Shuqom

Personal Hobbies

Murad Shuqom is a dedicated leader in the automotive industry who also loves spending time in the great outdoors.

For as long as he can remember, Murad Shuqom has loved everything related to cars and racing. As a child, he often spent his time immersed in Formula One races. Over the years, he has not lost that feeling of wide-eyed wonder and fascination with the automotive industry. In fact, those feelings have only grown stronger, especially as he has gained further experience and insight into the inner workings of auto export, development, research, and technological development.

Now based in Huntington Beach, California, Murad Shuqom emigrated to the United States to get his start. However, he made the difficult transition look easy, as his strong work ethic and untameable desire for experience enabled him to start working as a local mechanic almost immediately. These traits also earned Murad the respect and admiration of his colleagues and superiors, providing him with the opportunity to advance into management rather quickly.

After accruing a decade or more of experience in the automotive industry, Murad Shuqom explored entrepreneurship before becoming the Chief Racing Director of Dime Racing, a California-based organization that emphasizes automotive research and technological development. Alongside the responsibilities he wields in this role, Murad strives to inspire those he works with to passionately pursue what they believe to be their callings — no matter how outlandish or impossible they may seem. He believes that, if he could move to an entirely new country and pave his own road to success, anyone can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

When he is not leading others toward reaching their personal and professional goals, Murad Shuqom can be found spending time racing and appreciating luxury automobiles with his friends — a small side project that swiftly grew, earning Murad and his network a sponsorship and recognition in video games!

Furthermore, Murad thoroughly enjoys experiencing the great outdoors, whether through hiking or kayaking. After all, there is a myriad of spots for him to explore in California alone. Currently, his favorite kayaking spots span Newport Beach, Dana Point Harbor (also known as the “Whale Capital of the West”), San Clemente, Balboa Island, and, of course, his own Huntington Beach.

Murad Shuqom’s greatest interest of all, however, is definitely traveling. Having emigrated to the United States, Murad deeply understands the importance of encountering and understanding other cultures, as well as gleaning insight into other countries’ respective histories. As such, he makes it a point to explore the world as frequently as his schedule allows.

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