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Environmental conditions, such as temperature, have a strong effect on natural cycles and various living things. This past summer, Alaska experienced a ridge of high pressure that lingered over the state. This ridge created conditions in which there was very little wind over the Pacific Ocean. As the sun beat down on the ocean, there were few winds to carry off the heat. As a result of these natural phenomena, there is currently a heatwave in the northeastern portion of the Pacific Ocean.

This heatwave is having huge effects on marine life. For example, a lot of animals are dying off from the heatwave. The creatures higher up on the food chain are dying as the creatures that they consume are less likely to be found. Sea lions are having a hard time finding fish and quid to eat. As a result, many sea lions are abandoning their babies as they struggle to find food.

There is also a lot of concern that the current heatwave may result in excessive blooms of algae. There are various types of algae that are detrimental to the environment that might flourish if conditions keep going in the current direction. The problem is that the wrong types of algae excrete substances that are not good for the environment. Also, they may cover up the ocean and prevent light from penetrating deeper depths of the ocean.

This will also adversely affect fish markets as the world’s supply of ocean life dwindles. Fisherman may have a harder time catching and selling fish. This could even affect the lives of some native peoples around the world.

The heating of the oceans is a huge problem, and it has been accelerating in the last several decades. From the years 1983 to 2018, the ocean has absorbed heat at a rate that is described as “350 terawatts.” Experts say that this can be compared to five Hiroshima bombs going off every second within that period of time. It is without a doubt that global warming will directly affect the problem and make it worse.

Rising ocean temperatures are throwing off the food chains. A domino effect is happening in which one condition results in another. If this issue does not sort itself out, there could be wider-spread, long-lasting problems for marine life for years to come.